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Vision, Mission et Politique de la Qualité


To reap lasting benefits to  our personel and trading partners, as to be leader company in local markets and one of the sectoral leader company in international markets.


We undertake to achieve our aim in Quality Policy as,

Meeting expectations of our customers perfectly on time by our production principles that is sensitive about human and environment, boosting to our personel and  supplier for their development, to steadfast to our values are ascendance, productivity, contender, to keep working and development with information in dynamism.

Quality Policy

Keeping our leadership in our sector and to enlarge our sales rate in the market by increasing number of our devoted customers,

By marketing our products qualified according to national and international standards, supporting customers after and before selling,

Increasing our productivity and capacity by following new and updated manufacturing technologies,
Manufacturing our products accurately in first time, shipping faultless and in time,

Applying an effective Quality Management System with continuous improvement, educating and training our staff to make increased business satisfaction with a peaceful work ambiance,

To be sensitive about occupational health and safety and environment, to fulfil legislative requirements,
All Our Company’s Quality Policy.